Hi, I’m Marta and I’m a green mama. I will try to go through this About Me section super fast and let you lovely people see how I turned from a makeup hoarder to a green mama, so lets begin. My passion for green living started with a book I read by Kat James,  The Truth About Beauty. This book opened my eyes about the dirty secrets of the Beauty Industry and how eating a healthy diet can uncover your true radiant potential without the use of expensive products. Just slap an avocado on your face you’ll see. After reading this book I buried myself in LOADS of different topics on health. I was studying like I’ve never studied in my life (why wasn’t I this eager to learn in college…. right) I was cruising the internet for research papers, podcasts and alternative healing like a crazy woman. I was pretty much addicted to this stuff. All the new found information had sparked a whole new way of living for me so I quickly went from bad habits to healthy habits in no time.

The first thing that I tackled was our food! The pantry got a new makeover it went from snack central to super foods market shelf. I started shopping the perimeter of our grocery store, cooking all our meals at home and switching to organic as much as possible. In my late 20’s I finally figured out that drinking all that milk, that was supposed to give me good bone health, was the main cause of my crazy volcano breakouts on my chin! ught! I wish I had know this sooner! Salads started becoming a regular thing, I went from eating meat everyday to gradually eating meat couple times a week, I was feeling Awesome! My skin started clearing up, I had energy and a new passion for life.

During the healthy eating stage I also tackled  the beauty products! Ohh the beauty products, my Kryptonite. You see prior to all these changes I considered myself a beauty hoarder, I was a regular at the drug store. My bathroom cupboards and shelves were packed with unopened beauty junk and hundreds of mini samples of beauty creams, anti aging serums and makeup. It all had to go! At the time I was working in a corporate office, so I started bringing all my lotions and potions in giant shopping bags and dropping them off in the ladies washrooms for anyone to grab. From nail polish to hair products, it all landed in the ladies washroom. I was done with the nasty ingredients found in beauty products and their horrible health concerns so they had to go.

At this point in my life I was known at the office as Marta the one that makes her own deodorant, drinks green smoothies and eats salads for lunch every day. Thank god for the popular ombre hair style of 2011, because by this point my blonde hair had grown out BIG TIME and my brown hair was starting to shine. I swear If it wasn’t for that popular hair trend I would have been known as the crazy cat lady with grey hair and all. So bleach was no longer my friend and I switched to all natural products. Things were starting to change.

Next thing that went were the cleaning agents. Everything from under the kitchen sink was no longer how I wanted to clean my house. Bye Bye Mr. Clean and hello vinegar and water. My husband at this point thought I was going mad “Why are we getting rid of everything?” was the daily question. I had nothing to clean my sinks and toilets with so I started looking into natural cleaning solutions. Essential oils became my best friend and the house soon started to smell of lavender and tea tree oil. It was magical.

In 2013, my healthy lifestyle went it to full steam when I found out that both my dad and my mom in law were diagnosed with cancer within a month of each other. This life changing turn gave me the drive to pursue healthy living to it’s fullest extent. I never looked back at my old life or missed any of the bad habits that I formed throughout my early years. 

As my mind, body and spirit cleared up from years of junk food, junk products and junk thoughts, I started thinking about starting a family. I was ready. This brings us up to speed. In 2014 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Zoey and we are expecting our second baby in March. I am continuing my healthy journey with my family making healthy choices as I go. I am passionate about teaching my family all I know about healthy eating habits, and how to lead a Healthy Lifestyle. I am still learning as I go, so come join me in this beautiful life. Ill be sharing a lot of fun healthy recipes, beauty secrets and more.