Month: May 2017

What We Eat in a Day

Another What We Eat in a day post!

With a newborn around it sure is hard to get anything done, thank goodness the hubby had the day off. I actually had time to make a real dinner, using both hands!! Most of the time I’m strapped to a newborn, entertaining a toddler and making dinner all at once, ahhh momlife.


8:00am – Today’s easy breakfast was yogurt with my Homemade Granola, fresh fruit and hemp hearts! My 2 year old doesn’t have any dairy issues and we do eat dairy from time to time but today we opted out for plain dairy free coconut yogurt.

The toddler gobbled down the whole bowl and most of the fruit on the side. I know I can always count on this breakfast as its one of her favorites. She actually thinks this is a treat!

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