Green and Natural Baby Skincare

As you know I love all green natural products, I will try to provide you with a list of what I think are great options for your Baby’s Green and Natural Skincare.

Baby’s Skin doesn’t need any specialized care just a lot of TLC, I believe that it is very important to limit a baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals found in many popular baby products. The harsh ingredients that I am talking about are alcohol, perfume, PEG, parabens, propylene glycole, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, TEA, ammonia and the list goes on. Baby’s immune and nervous systems is still developing and it is less capable of eliminating toxins like the system of an adult. Therefore decreasing a baby’s exposure to chemicals from day one is my number one priority. In return I am lowering the risk of allergies, chemical sensitivities, risk of cancers and other illnesses. Lets take a look at my personal favorites.

Baby Skin Care


Harmful ingredients found in baby soap:

Fragrance, dye, antibacterial chemicals, BHA/BHT, mineral oil, ammonia, formaldehyde and glycols


I am a believer of leaving a newborns skin as is without bathing the baby for at least 24 hours after birth. The good bacteria of the vernix is a protective barrier for the baby. For the first little while I only concentrate on a few areas of baby’s body. Neck folds which collect lots of breast milk and the creases of their thighs. Using a warm cloth or sponge I clean the area without the use of soap. Baby’s skin contains natural oils and washing too frequently can remove these good oils causing skin to be dry and irritated. When I transition my baby to soap I like to choose a natural brand like Dr. Bronner’s Baby Soap. It is gentle enough for the baby and contains no chemicals or fragrances that are harmful. I bathe my babe only once a week and concentrate on cleaning the dirty parts of the body like bum, face, hands and folds as needed each day.

Product of Choice:


Harmful ingredients found in shampoo:

Sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laurethsulfate, DEA, TEA, MEA which are hormone disruptors, polyethelene glycol, EDTA, quaternium-15, fragrance

(shampoos cause the most adverse reactions of all hair products, they are harsh detergents and use a number of chemical fragrances)


I think babies don’t really need their hair washed for the most part, its not like they sweat or have excess oil that builds up. But from time to time a little wash is just what the baby needs. Instead of using a baby shampoo a better option I think is to use a mild castile soap solution. I dilute a small amount of soap in my hands and apply to baby’s scalp. I gently massage the scalp and rinse with water. For my toddler I have always used castile soap and from time to time I have splurged and purchased Living Libations Seabuckthorn Shampoo. What I absolutely love about this shampoo is that it is perfectly gentle for babies and can be used as a bubble bath substitute. It has zero harsh chemicals, it is wild crafted and is made from some of the best ingredients I have come across. Its the perfect blend of ingredients for your baby’s hair. I love using this product and feel safe applying it to my toddlers hair.

Product of Choice:


Harmful ingredients found in massage oils:

Mineral oil and fragrance

(Lets talk fragrance for a second. These fake fragrances found in baby lotions and oils are long lasting, they linger for hours and can cause some neurological, skin and respiratory damage. I don’t know why fragrance is included in baby products its definitely not good for them. Take a look at this Study about fragrance, you might change your mind next time you want your baby to smell powder fresh. I always make sure that the ingredients list never contains fragrance)


I believe there is no need to use petroleum products like mineral oils on baby’s skin. There are non toxic options available like using organic coconut oil or shea butter. Homemade oils made of jojoba oil and almond oil are not only natural but provide natural moisture for the baby. Jojoba oil is very close in composition to your baby’s oil on their skin making it the perfect oil to use. My personal favorite oil blend is Jai Baby Joy Oil by Living Libations. This oil is made of organic and wild crafted ingredients. It consists of jojoba oil, vanilla beans, coconut creme, lemon and lavender. The smell of this blend makes me want to cuddle in bed and fall asleep, definitely a must for my baby.

Product of Choice:

Diaper Cream

Harmful ingredients found in diaper creams:

PEG, TEA, DMDM hydonation, parabens, fragrance, ammonia, propylene glycol, mineral oil, SLS, 1,4-dioxane


Almost all babies will develop a rash at some point in their life. That’s why my go to product for diaper cream is Jai Baby Balm by Living Libations. It is gentle and has absolutely no harsh chemicals whatsoever. It provides a barrier that makes dry rough chapped and chaffed areas go away. I also like to apply coconut oil between each diaper change to give a nice protective layer between the diaper and baby’s skin. There is a lot of information on line about applying breast milk, oatmeal solution, or raw apple cider vinegar to your baby’s bottom as well. I have tried them all but prefer the Jai Baby Balm.

***Lately I have been reading a lot about babies that suffer from eczema, and found that there are a lot of dietary connections to this topic. That’s something I will leave for another blog post, as I am still researching this topic further. I did however want to share with you a product that I came across which is highly recommended by moms, I personally have never used it but reading the reviews and testimonials I think its worth a mention. This Organic Manuka Cream by YoRo Naturals is for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis and rashes its gentle enough for babies and children. This cream provides instant and lasting relief for severely dry, cracked, itchy, red and irritated skin. If you have used this cream before do let me know if it has worked for you or your baby***

Product of Choice:


Harmful ingredients found in baby wipes:

Alcohol, perfume, chlorine and dioxin


My go to product here is warm water with a cotton wash cloth, that’s it. I also make a baby wipe solution from water, Lavender Essential Oil, a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s castille soap and Pure Aloe Vera. This formula is very soothing to baby’s skin, it contains no harsh chemicals and will not irritate the area. When I am on the go or need natural wipes I always opt out for Water Wipes. These wipes only contain a few ingredients 99.9% water, 0.1% fruit extract and nothing else – the world’s purest baby wipes suitable from birth on.

Product of Choice:

Bubble Bath

Harmful ingredients found in bubble bath:

Sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laurethsulfate, DEA, TEA, MEA which are hormone disruptors, polyethelene glycol, EDTA, quaternium-15, fragrance


I never use bubble bath product on newborns, a bubble bath is out of question for the first year of my baby’s life. Bubble baths contain irritants which I think should not be used on babies, they clog pores and dry out baby’s skin. I just recently started giving my 2 year old bubble baths, before that she just bathed in regular old water. Since she is a little older now we started giving her a bubble bath from time to time. The two product that I like are Alaffia – Bubble Bath for Babies and Living Libations – Seabuckthorn Shampoo. Allafia bubble bath is hand crafted, it is naturally foaming and non irritating gentle bubble bath. My second go to is Seabuckthorn Shampoo by Living Libations. This is a shampoo but it is perfectly suitable for a gentle bubble bath as well, you buy one product and get 3 in 1 type of deal bubble bath, body wash and shampoo.

Product of Choice:

In conclusion these are all my personal opinions and go to products that I absolutely love. If you find something of interest in this post let me know I would love to hear your opinion. I also wrote a post on my Top Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid where I list all chemicals that I try to avoid when purchasing new beauty products, so check it out when you get a chance.

Here is a great little Bundle Package by my favorite product line for Babes so check it out if you are looking for something new to try.

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  1. Great list of products! It always surprises me that some companies are so ignorant to the garbage they put into our baby products. I will have to give Living Libations a try, sounds like a great company.

    1. Thank you Ressa, I am surprised myself. Baby skin is so delicate its a shame for those companies not to care. That’s why i like doing my research and finding companies that actually put a lot of effort into their product like LIving Libations. They are truly an amazing company that cares for their customers

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